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Re: "Shaping a Cardassian" - characters

You know...another person who could relate would be Gul Berat. He may have an eidetic memory--but with his "Cardassian ADHD" (I'm sure it has a name, I just haven't decided what they call his diagnosis yet), he sometimes cannot use it to its fullest extent. I think that during routine times, he may sometimes set "alarms" for himself. He might not have everything written down (though I think occasionally he does as a concentration aid), but it's hard for him to keep track of time or concentrate as easily as most Cardassians can, so now that I think about it, I think he has certain aids to help remind him of what he should be doing (as opposed to what he may be doing that's distracting).

Remember the little story about his "e-mail accident"? I know he probably didn't let anyone else but Glinn Yejain find out about that, but if he met your Glinn Yassel, he'd make an exception so she would understand "gul" does not mean "god."

(Funnier I remember reading that Glinn Yassel is very organized? I don't think she'd like the sight of Gul Berat's office, then. It's messier than your average Cardassian's office. He's been known to have to quickly shove padds or other objects out of the way very quickly before receiving visitors. )
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