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Re: The Jihad vs. The Lorelei Signal

I spotted the Mad Genesis Planet connection too.

Well said points so far, everyone. I'll just add some additional ones.

Frank Herbert's Dune and Dune Messiah, in which crusade-like jihads figure so prominently, predate TAS: The Jihad by several years. I wonder whether this had any influence on the usage of the term.

The Jihad writer Stephen Kandel also has story or teleplay credits on all three TOS/TAS Mudd episodes.

Corrected voice credits for Lara and the Vedalan are given at, with an explanation. Apparently, it was not Majel Barrett, but rather Jane Webb, who voiced them both. Em/3/Green was of course voiced by none other than David Gerrold. I find the characters in The Jihad remarkably vivid.

Personally, I think both of these episodes exhibit relatively mature themes for Saturday morning cartoons, like many TAS episodes.
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