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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

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Does Watching The Clock have ideas on where the new Star Trek movie fits in with the rest of ST history, and if so, can we talk about that here (and would it have to be under spoilers)?
Well, I'm not sure what the question is; we know where it fits with the rest of ST history from the movie itself. It's an alternate timeline created in 2233 when Nero arrived from 2387.

But since my novel is set in 2381-2, and since the inhabitants of the Prime timeline would have no knowledge of the existence of the Abramsverse even after 2387 (since as far as any observer could tell, the Narada and Spock simply fell into a black hole), there's no overt discussion of the Abramsverse. However, there are a couple of bits of theoretical discussion that are implicitly relevant.
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