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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello! My name is Jenna and I'm 28, from England. My Dad first got me watching TOS when I was a kid and I was hooked, my sister and I would watch whenever it aired on BBC2. Fast forward several years later when TNG came along (I think it was aired on BBC2 at same the day and time that TOS was previously) and I was initially against watching as it wasn't the original series. We would complain that it wasn't Kirk and Spock and turn it off.

My Dad took us to the cinema to watch Generations, he managed to get us there cos Kirk was in it :-) - and this was the first time I was introduced to the TNG cast. I remember the scene where Picard is crying over his brother and nephew dying, and obviously I hadn't seen the episode Family at this point so it kinda went over my head as did Data's emotion chip etc etc. Anyway the film warmed me up to the TNG cast a tad and when it was on TV next I started watching instead of just simply switching off. Fast forward a few years later and myself and my sister were hooked on TNG, eventually starting watching DS9 too (wasn't so taken with that though) and then we moved onto Voyager when that came out (seen most episodes). So anyway, pretty much seen every TNG episode and by far my favourite series now. Patrick Stewart is brilliant and Brent Spiner too - fave episodes are The Inner Light, BOBW 1 and 2, Chain of Command 1 and 2, Parallels, All Good Things, The Offspring, Data's Day, I could go on and on!!!

Anyway nice to meet you all on here!!
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