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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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Ah, I've seen his books around, I've not really read much crime and they've been all Rankin and if you count them as crime, Brookmyre.

And yes, I am truly loving all the Britishism's aswell and are you a fan of House or is it just a coincidence that Rassmussen is from Trenton?
Sadly it's coincidence - I was probably subconsciously thinking of the Doctor's line to Amelia Rumford in Stones Of Blood that K9 was "all the rage in Trenton, New Jersey" - Rasmussen says in A Matter Of Time that he was from New Jersey, and it was the one city name that sprang to mind. (the only other one I can think of off the top of my head is Hoboken)
Ah ok, I've not really seen that much old-Who so I wouldn't know, the only place I know Trenton from is House.

One thing I can say for sure though is you're a fan of Life on Mars, I was just reading IFM and it struck me that Tyler Hunts name sounded familiar. I did a bit of digging of the old grey matter and I laughed out loud realising that it's a merging of Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt from Life on Mars. Would you by anychance have "cast" John Simm in the role of Tyler?
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