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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

Come on, let's be honest here -- did anyone honestly expect a rotting flesh horror show from The CW?
I admit, it had me perplexed and very curious when I first heard about it. So their "solution" is not really surprising.

OTOH, I'm feeling a bit open-minded this morning, which makes me wonder whether there isn't space on TV for a radically different take on zombitude. Are these zombies even dead? Does the "one bite and you're a zombie" rule still apply? I'm figuring no to the former, to evade the groady factor, and yes to the latter, since it's vampire rules anyway.

The one way this silly idea might be salvaged is if it becomes an intentional self-parody, wallowing in its CW-hood, in other words, take the Reaper route. Maybe if Bret Harrison's current show gets the axe, he can join Awakenings as zombie bait. He'd be just about perfect.
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