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Re: TrekBBS Armada - The Foundry

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Apparently the level specific badges don't work properly, so don't pick them as your reward to be on the save side until the issue is resolved.
Yeah, found that out after I claimed mine yesterday - no emblems for me! The patch being applied right now is supposed to be fixing that - no idea if I'll get my emblems retroactively. Still, it means that my waiting list of Foundry episodes I have been building up in my mission pane will start to go down, and be more useful - although I did end up reaching two Borg top-level accolades (i.e ones that grant a passive) during one of them yesterday.

For the record, yesterday's missions: "Worst of All Worlds" - poor dialogue, concept interesting but let down by execution in places; "The Feint" - enjoyable, if slightly repetitive at points, with a bit of an annoying puzzle halfway through (also, write down the location of the mission - there's no indicator in the mission listing); "Conjoined" - brilliant, lots of fun, nice explore-y mission rather than combat, one particular effect I'd love to know how it was done.

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Then again, the exploitation of that system has probably already begun.
In addition to missions named "Kill Stuff" we now get "Enter system to resolve mission" so doing 3 missions in the row for the XP and loot is done in as many minutes.
Cryptic is apparently already cracking down on those sorts of missions - there is at least one thread on the official forums of someone complaining that their publishing rights have been recinded because they made grind missions. Plus, they've reduced the effect a ship explosion has, to stop those "here are five hundred enemies; they'll kill you, but you'll wipe them out blowing up" missions - it'll only affect five ships now. Which is more than enough, quite frankly.
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