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Re: TrekBBS Armada - The Foundry

Ok, that's understandable. But maybe (if constructive criticism is alright) you can do something about the mid mission ending?
Right now it feels like the mission stops dead without even beginning.
Maybe you can built in a mini climax or something to give it an actual chapter feeling instead of stopping in midsentence.
There needs to be an "emotional" end to it.
I am the last one to say don't use the biggest WTF cliffhanger ever, but give us a cliffhanger or a teaser to the next part.
Also I know you can't get back to sector space, that's why so many authors build missions like:
ESD, get mission, talk to some guy, call ship, whooosh I am on the other side of the galaxy.
That feels stupid, I agree.
I'm gonna tease you with my solution which of course isn't the same as what you describe as your intention:
Spoiler me one more time! I dare ya! I double dare ya!
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