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How does everyone feel about the Foundry missions?

Maybe I'm just a bit of a snob, but I find that persistent grammatical and spelling errors really detract from the fun and immersion of the missions. I tend to knock at least one star off for that alone.
I like it so much, I wrote one called "A Relic's Return" (link); and honestly, I used a spell checker, and proofread what I wrote, so I doubt you'll find any spelling errors (as of this posting it has 3 plays/reviews, and you need 5 to get a mission out of 'Review for Inappropriate Content' status, so if anyone's interested in trying it, and doesn't see it, you might have to "Become a Reviewer" to see it if it hasn't gotten past 5 plays on the Live server.
Hey, played your mission today. But I was disappointed... Why did it end so suddenly? Surely there was room for more content in this mission? It stopped right when it was getting interesting.
Can't judge it fairly before I play the rest of the missions as this was just the opening act clearly.
If the conclusion is as good as the setup it will get a good review by me though.

In other news, I can only recommend the Raptor trilogy. That is an outstanding mission on feature episode level.
Play it, rate it. That guy deserves being spotlighted.

The reason was a current Foundry authoring/design limitation. As an author you can't return a player to Sector Space, and then set a second 'door' to another star system in the same mission; (there are Dev made missions in STO that allow that and I wanted thbe same 'functuionality' for my story), thus I figured, once you've discovered a possible system to check for the Orion Syndicate base; I'd end the first mission at that point; and start the second mission at the system you need to go check, in effect making you travel through sector space like you would normally for a STO Dev made mission encompassing more than one system.

(Also, I was part of the Foundry closed beta, and while I did compleetely plot out the overall story; I also figured this was enough to give the basic Foundry tools a good test. The only real pain is, since they don't have any export or import utility; I had to copy this mission over from Redshit to Tribble manually when the beta went Open on Tribble; and then transfer is YET AGAIN manually on to the Holodeck/Live server after the Foundry Beta finally went Live there. It's also the reason I waite dto start work on the next mission in the series as I didn't wamntop to have to do another manual export/import of a second mission.)

Also, originally, I had the story plotted and planned out over three Foundry missions total; but due to feedback (public and private while it was on Tribble), and the fact (and I do understand why) many players hate multi-part missions; I have adjusted things so I can finish the rest of the story (without sacrificing anything) in the next mission, which currently has the working title: "A Relic's Return (Conclusion)"

Its definiately going to be longer than "A Relic's Return"; and I do hope when I have it up and available (and I will post when it's up and ready for STO players to run); you'll come back and give it a go. (And I hope of course you like the whole story once you've played thorough and experienced it; but as I said at the end of the first part - "Any feedback, positive or negative, is welcome and appreciated.")

I am also happy that you liked the story's setup so far. Overall, I feel it's been very well received by the STO community, and I was concerned that maybe I had too much exposition in a lot of areas, or that a lot of players might not like some of the stuff I had 'their character' say; but I tried to stick with a neutral/compotent tone for any7 Player's character dialogue, and most commentors have responded favorably to that aspect so far.)

But, in the end, thanks again for giving it a playthrough, and I hope you like the conclusion once I have it up amd available.
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