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Re: Star Trek: The Experience

I got to go just before it closed making it also to the convention that year. It was a great place, exciting and where you could experience Star Trek as realistically as possible if you were inclined to dress up. Unfortunately, because it was closing one also felt as though they had to be extra sensitive to those serving in Quark's bar perse and not be as Klingon or Ferengi in their responses as one was lead to believe they could have been, if they were again inclined to do so. There also appeared to be a fear collectors would be stripping the place of glass bowels and such, which made bar staff more vigilante and rigidly strict about holding onto Credit cards and such until they were returned, this tended to create conflict unfortunately.

I would love to see another Experience with passionate Star Trek fans operating the venue. I appreciate Vernon Wilmer's effort of trying to capture the old experience and hope his work is successful at seeing another opened soon.
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