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She can't be dead. She is the keeper of Eldrad and ELDRAD MUST LIVE!!!


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I'm actually rather impressed. I don't recall there ever being quite this much an outpouring of emotions from the fans and the media for any other Who actors death.
Probably because of her role in the SJA and still had the very current performances in Doctor Who.

When William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton passd away we didn't have the internet and both weren't involved with Doctor Who at the time.
Except that, when Troughton died, he was at a convention at the time.

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And here in America, in Chicago at least, we saw so many repeats of the Tom Baker years, Liz was THE companion, even if her actual time on the show wasn't as long as it seemed.
Still, it was pretty long by Doctor Who standards. At just over 3 seasons, she eclipses Jamie, Jo, Tegan, & Romana as the longest running companion, though she wasn't around for quite as long as the Brigadier or K-9. And she had a run longer than most Doctors.

Considering we lost both Sladen & Courtney in such quick succession, I'm guessing that God has commissioned Barry Letts to write the most awesome 3rd Doctor story ever! We all get a free DVD copy of it when we die.
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