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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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I don't recognize him with a beard! I thought it was this guy - - who's a crime novelist I read and whose author picture in the paperbacks looks even more like your av than this picture does!

Glad you're enjoying IFM.

As for the AV referendum... I'm fucked. Can't vote yes (even though we need a change) cos Ed Millipede wants that. Can't vote no cos Cameron and Two-Jags want that... And I'd prefer PR or Approval voting anyway! (Or AV just as a top-up as in Scotland)
Ah, I've seen his books around, I've not really read much crime and they've been all Rankin and if you count them as crime, Brookmyre.

And yes, I am truly loving all the Britishism's aswell and are you a fan of House or is it just a coincidence that Rassmussen is from Trenton?

Ah yes, the quidmymre (sp) that is going to be the Referendum in a few weeks. We need something else other than first past the post and if AV doesn't get through, we'll be stuck with it for at least a generation, maybe more. If it does go through though, there is always the chance that somewhen down the line, we'll have PR and not just a water downed version.
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