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Re: Breaking In - New FOX Comedy - Christian Slater, Bret Harrison

The only part of this show that's working is that it gives the actors an excuse to play off each other in wacky scenarios, like Oz fooling Cash into thinking the copier is sentient. I'm not sure they'd know what to do with a full hour. The plotting barely fills a half hour as it is.

Here's what they need to do: amp up the surreality and nasty humor a la Archer (as far as they can get away with it on network TV). Dump any character who doesn't have a comedic gimmick - everyone except Oz, Dutch, Cam and Cash - and push those gimmicks to the edge. The girl (can't remember her name) has no gimmick, so lose her. If the writers don't know how to write funny female characters, once again the template is Archer.

They also need to add a character like Krieger, who is "the scary one." Moreso than Oz, who is the Mallory character.
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