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Re: Breaking In - New FOX Comedy - Christian Slater, Bret Harrison

Slater's schizo spy show had a nifty premise, but they frakked up the execution and I was glad when it was cancelled. However, this new show isn't being written any better. This "story" was the thinnest yet, with a mission that stems from a silly accident, and a B-plot about Cam and Dutch fighting over a girl who is, let's face it, a bitch.

Dutch isn't nearly a big enough douchebag to deserve being dumped just because he's bashful about admitting to his judgmental, nasty girlfriend that he lost his job. Yet Cam is drooling after her, after witnessing how badly she treats her current bf? Do these guys have no bad-girlfriend Spidey sense at all?

Dutch not being a douchebag also raises questions about what Cam thinks he's doing. He's supposed to be the lead character and we're supposed to sympathize with him, but chasing another guy's girlfriend is kosher only if she's nice and he's a douchebag. Yet here we have a situation that is closer to being the reverse.

The emotional IQ of this show is waaay off. Compare it to the setup in Chuck, where Sarah is initially distant and chilly, but only because she's a dedicated professional and trying not to create a messy situation with a guy who is just an assignment for her. Sarah may be capable of killing people in cold blood, but there's never any indication that she is cruel, inconsiderate, or self-centered. Those are deal-killing qualities in a romantic comedy lead character, and far more appropriate for a romantic comedy villain who is keeping the True Lovers apart, which is why, following the rules of romantic comedy, Cam and Dutch should be the ones to hook up. Just watching those two guys try to live together would be hysterical.

And I just wrote way more about this inconsequential show than it deserves. I guess I'm bored. Ratings last night were pretty much level with last week's. However, with upfronts coming up, the buzz is that FOX really isn't desperate for shows, either new or existing, so anything that's weak-ish might get the boot. It's currently a toss-up for renewal. Ironically, Chuck, with far lower ratings, could get a renewal, due to being on eternally-desperate NBC.

I'd be okay with either show being cancelled. Breaking In is wasting several good comic talents on very meager writing, and while Chuck was far better written early on, it's just flat out of story. Cancel both and mix & match the actors across two or three other good comedies. I would pay real money to see Christian Slater and Zach Levi in something together, and I think there might really be something to tossing Bret Harrison and Michael Rosenberg into a new show together, with Adam Baldwin for good measure.
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