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Nicola Bryant also said a few words on twitter:

I'm so sorry to have to say I've just had a call to say Liz Sladen has died. It's too much to take in, but it's true. How tragically young.
Noel Clarke on twitter:

#SARAHJANESMITHLIVES because Elisabeth Sladen made her Great. -Liz, you were awesome and will be missed. (no more to be said tonight) NC
And John Barrowman is apparently so upset that he can't speak about it for a while:

wanted to let you know I got the news as a lot of you were concerned I'm off to chill I hope u understand. Will tweet this weekend in PS. jb

According to Barrowman's feed, his 9 year-old dog died of cancer the night before Lis, so he's probably doubly upset now.
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