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Marc's answers notwithstanding, I think Sladen is rare in entertainment today in spanning multiple generations and being at the forefront of a highly popular current children's show with international appeal. Those factors combined, I'm not surprised at impact of her death.

I do think Baker will be sorely missed as and when (though hopefully not for many years to come)
I have to agree with another poster that mentioned the internet concerning Patrick and Jon as well as you.......The internet was not around in those days so the Docs passing was not something that was known to the general public - except for the UK....???? I hope Tom stays with us for a LONG time...I will not be able to handle any more....Then all of the cast that got me involved with Who will be gone...Yes im very nostalgic as are many on this board. Like a previous poster said....I am one of those 40 somethings that was hooked on Who because of the magic of Liz, Ian, and Baker...I am a fan of Who because of them...Not saying that Jon and Katy could not have hooked me but the trio of the 3 mentioned is what got me...

However...Liz was very active in the Who universe and as well as SJA so its hard to forget someone who is currently acting and fresh on everyone's mind. But most are correct...she had the ability to bridge the gap and do things that not many actors can do....Like the comment that was made about her....Its not good to meet your hero...But she was an exception.
Every night Doctor... when it gets dark, and the stars come out....I'll look up....On her behalf....I'll look up at the sky, and think of you.

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