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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

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did seem a bit of a retake on Ariel from the Buried Age in both character and plot. I'm not unhappy about it. Different enough, but the two characters did seem to be very much cut from the same pattern.
Well, the major difference is that

. You're going to [in]famous for that one.

Fourth, what is it with you and cybernetic cellular implants and cybernetic organisms in general? First the Choblik, then the Manraloth, now the
. And then
It seems to be a favourite character type of yours. I like it too, I just wonder why you choose to use that type of character.
Well, those have different origins. The Choblik were a race I created for my original SF back in the '80s; at first I just wanted them to be terrific engineers, and eventually it occurred to me that it would fit their mindset if they modified their own bodies with technology. I later refined that into the version of the Choblik seen in my Trek fiction. As for the Manraloth and the
I just figure the integration of technology with biology is the future. We're already at the point where the line between nanotechnology and biotechnology is blurring -- researchers are making nanostructures out of DNA molecules, things like that. So I figure eventually the distinction will be blurred to the point of meaninglessness, that biology and technology will be one. (I think the Borg are a really, really crude way of portraying cybernetic organisms -- it was an obsolete portrayal when it was new.)

Besides, it's just different. We've seen so many hyper-advanced Trek races that evolve huge brains and psi powers or go incorporeal or whatever. It's a cliche, and it's evolutionarily silly. So when I deal with hyper-advanced species, I want to do something different from the convention.

As for the

Not sure what you mean by that.

But I'm glad you liked the character. I really enjoyed writing her.
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