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The one thing I noticed reading the messages from kids on the CBBC memorial page, was that a great many of those messages from kids include things like "I'll keep watching, but I'll never forget her" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures will never ever be the same without her", and others in a similar vein, most of which imply a belief/hope that the show will continue even without her.

Sure, there are a couple that say that they don't think the show should continue without Sladen, but by and large the vast majority seem to indicate that the show will/should go on.

And there are even a couple of entries like this one: "There's never going to be another Sarah Jane like Elisabeth." Not that there won't be other Sarah Jane Smiths, but that none of them will ever be as good as Sladen was in the role. It essentially implies an acceptance of the idea that there will be other/future Sarah Janes.Sounds to me like while kids will certainly miss Sladen, they're expecting a lot more adventures with Sarah Jane, even if that means accepting someone else in the role.
I'd attribute that to 2 factors:

A: The Doctor regenerating.
This sort of normalizes the replacement of the title characters. Although this is due to specific story elements but that might not matter much to the kids.

B:Normalization of reboots
If the kids are young then they've pretty much grown up with reboots and off-hand knowledge that other people played the roles in the past. (Even if they haven't seen them -- a parent saying, "Oh, I saw the old movies when I was your age!", and what not.)

As beloved as Liz was, though, I think people should respectfully avoid the topic of recasting for awhile...
Really good post A short period of respectful tribute and mourning is good and unavoidable. But as Lis herself would probably say (in great showbiz tradition), show must go on and she probably would want children to still enjoy what she and rest of team gave to them, even if right now not time to discuss that. But I think your observances on kid fans having sense of character regeneration (even if understand actress has passed on) and reboots really interesting.
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