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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

Ok, I just didn't want to be pilloried by the thread.

did seem a bit of a retake on Ariel from the Buried Age in both character and plot. I'm not unhappy about it. Different enough, but the two characters did seem to be very much cut from the same pattern.

. You're going to [in]famous for that one.

Third I was glad to see that the Carnelians made a return. I like them. I want to see more of them. Glad they were worked in.

Fourth, what is it with you and cybernetic cellular implants and cybernetic organisms in general? First the Choblik, then the Manraloth, now the
. And then
It seems to be a favourite character type of yours. I like it too, I just wonder why you choose to use that type of character.


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