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Re: Should Babylon 5 be remastered?

Totally ignoring all the logical financial, technological and social arguments presented upthread, and delving here into pure fannish dreaming (), I like the idea of new CGI for one reason - they can introduce more ship models to better represent the diversity of the setting. There were several scenes of importance over the series where much significance was made of the number of races and nations involved, yet the available models were limited to only a few ship designs. "Over two dozen races", yet what we see is rather limited to "about five of them". Sure, races could share designs, but often the vessels in question (and their technologies) were portrayed as exclusive to their races, even jealously guarded. If they ever did update the effects, they could sprinkle more designs in and truly represent what we're told in dialogue we're seeing (throw in some of the League ship designs from the "Into the Fire" concept art).
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