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Re: Should Babylon 5 be remastered?

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How about using CGI models of the actors as with Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy? Even more expensive, but hey, we're talking silly money anyway.
You'd practically have to have made the assets necessary to remake all of B5 as CG animation. You'd need pitch-perfect 3D models of the sets and the actors (adjusted episode by episode and shot by shot to match hair, makeup, wardrobe, and aging) to match any shot where a PPG was fired or someone looked out a window.

At that point, you're starting to get to the point where you're doing a shot-for-shot remake rather than an enhancement of the existing show to bring it up to spec.
Which isn't possible as the assets are no longer available. You might as well keep the audio and turn the whole thing into a machinima.
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