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Re: Should Babylon 5 be remastered?

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The DVDs are so inconsistent that every time an FX shot comes up it takes me right out of the story.
I've never understood this comment. Can you not watch Classic SciFi like Forbidden Planet or War of the Worlds? Can you not enjoy Blake's 7 or Space 1999?

The only thing that takes me out of a good story, is subtitles and Silent Films, where you have to concentrate on reading the text (And I realize this is my own failing)
I think (correct if wrong) that Resonator meant that on the DVDs, live action shots have been sourced from the widescreen set footage, but shots which have added effects have been cropped/stretched from the 4/3 transmission edits, with an off-puttingly noticeable change in quality. Nothing to do with the quality of the effects, just an inconsistency in the quality of the image.
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