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Re: Lis Sladen

It was a shocker for me.

I was eating my breakfast at 5:30 and it came on the news, i actually stopped and didnt eat anymore i was that shocked.

She must have kept her illness so quiet. Its so sad, but then everyone has their day i suppose.

I always remember her return episode in School Reunion, it was fantastically done, so touching but not ott like it couldve ended up.

Ill go and watch that tonight at some point , its just that scene in the stair well when she see's the police box for the first time in almost 30 years, then the Doctor is just standing there and its just such a touching scene. they have never matched that since. And everytime she appeared, her grace, profesionalism and presence was amazing. Even next to all of the guest cast in Tennants last full season, she stood out, but then she would.

Ironic that her last episode was titled Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith

We'll miss you, Lis.
"Course your not,your not scared of anything. Box falls out the sky, man falls out of box, man eats fish custard. Look at you, just sittin' there,you know what i think? Must be helluva scary crack in your wall" - The Doctor
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