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Re: SCRE4M (Film 2011) Discussion/Grade *Spoilers!*

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There were definitely some silly moments and scenes in this movie but ultimately I enjoyed it and despite jumping at a couple moments I wasn't scared. The first film is really the only of the four that scared the crap out of me.
Yeah, although Scream isn't terrifying or anything, there's definitely a greater sense of dread and fear in that one than in any of the subsequent movies. This occurred to me while I was watching Scream 4.

Scream let the preamble to the kills really breathe. Ghostface was on the phone and he was less furious and the scenes went on a little longer. The scariest parts of a Scream movie aren't Ghostface knifing somebody, it's the creeping dread beforehand. Scream 4 seemed way too anxious to skip to the bloody part, which is almost always less interesting.
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