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^Indeed. Plus as I previously stated, in a shooter stats shouldn't really mean that much. There's few things as tedious as throwing about 5000 rounds downrange, but because the stats say you're character (a highly trained and seasoned combat veteran) isn't skilled enough and you might as well be shooting spit-balls for all the effect you're having. At most, even the best armour should only give you a few extra seconds of shields or health while under fire. Even in ME1 (which had a lot more under-the-hood dice rolling going on) they only really made much of a difference on the higher difficulty settings. I managed to play through the whole thing, sticking with the default N7 armour.

ME2 got the balance just right. Enough customisation to give it your own stamp and some either/or choices for stats boosts. Only when playing on 'Insane' did I feel the need to minmax.
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