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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

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Sweet! The 26th can't come soon enough. I just realized Doctor Who also premiers that night, so we'll be getting lots of time travel goodness that day.
Does it? From every single source I've read, it's premièring on BBC One here, BBC America in America and Space in Canada this Saturday evening, which is the 23rd April. Of course, if you want to wait till the Tuesday, you'll be a tad late for the party and kicking yourself.
You're right, my bad. But it's still a good 2 weeks though.
What's two weeks away? Doctor Who premiers on Saturday in the locations I said, plus I think Ireland and a few other places. Watching the Clock is out on the Kindle next Tuesday, less than one week away.

If you're saying they are on seperate weeks though, as they both fall within the same week, you'd be incorrect again.

Next week will be a good week though, not for the reasons you stated though.

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I don't want to post spoilers yet lest the thread jump on me but there are some great comic moments in there.
It's a review thread, spoilers are expected in here. If you really don't want to spoil people, just put them under the tags
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