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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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That's interesting. I've seen the argument raised frequently that any competent military would be able to defend itself handily against a horde of brainless zombies, but I think it's impossible to make that prediction due to the freak-out factor.

Even a military that will stay at its post and not rush to protect loved ones during a normal invasion might behave unpredictably in a zombie related situation. For instance, what proportion of soldiers would decide it's the end times and see their first priority as getting to church, to pray and await Jesus?
It would only truly freak them out if they were unprepared for it and it came out of nowhere while they were on patrol or something. If they went in knowing what was going on, they'd be prepared for it and would have little trouble. Probably less than fighting true combatants since there wouldn't be any moral issues with killing brainless, monstrous strangers.

It'd be like fighting robots.
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