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^^ I don't know, I do have to agree that its probably best to let the show go after these last episodes are shown.

Doesn't mean I wouldn't love seeing Rani, Clyde and the others again someday. If only there were some mysterious traveller who could wisk them off to new adventures...
There are several ways the should could continue. Clyde and Rani have the charisma to carry a show on their own, carrying on from Sarah Jane. In retrospect, as it's apparently now known that Sladen's illness had been known by the powers that be for quite some time (listen to RTD's comments on the BBC report), that casts an entirely different light on the somewhat random - when you think about it - appearance by Katy Manning in Series 4.

Incidentally, aside from the six episodes of SJA to come, I just remembered there's also supposed to be a remastered/extended version of Downtime, the independent spin-off Lis appeared in back in 1995, coming out eventually. That's the one Sylvester McCoy reportedly filmed new scenes as the Doctor for a few months back. And I would imagine Big Finish will probably do something with their several seasons' worth of Sarah Jane audio dramas.

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