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There's no way to put a button in the cart that one can press to stop it? That would be useful.
Well, I have developed a system where you press a button several blocks in advance of your stop, it sends a delayed, inverted redstone signal through an AND gate (ANDed with the button approaching the station from the other side) which is connected to three power rails. I miss the button half the time, and I spent ages going up and down the track to make sure that the timing for all the buttons was right, but I have two working stations now.

Alternatively, you can punch the cart and it will be destroyed in about a second, but where's the fun in that?

I played it for a few hours today but it didn't rain at all. I even went to the snow biome and wandered about for a bit in the hope that it would snow but nothing happened. I hope my game isn't glitched in some way.
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