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I just learned of Elisabeth’s death a few minutes ago, and like all of you I am in complete shock. As someone else already commented, I don’t think I’ve ever been hit quite as hard by the news of an actor’s death as I am right now…partially because of who it is and partially because the news was so out of the blue. Her character of Sarah Jane has for the past 30+ years been one of my all-time favorite Doctor Who characters. I was so pleased and excited when RTD brought her back for "School Reunion" and subsequently gave her her own spin-off series. Unlike some, I have enjoyed “The Sarah Jane Adventures” almost as much as “Doctor Who” itself, and way more then “Torchwood.” Elisabeth was a great actress and a charming and beautiful woman both inside and out, without whom neither Doctor Who nor indeed the world will ever be quite the same again.

I want to extend my condolences to her husband, children and all of her friends and coworkers at the BBC who have known and worked with her for so many years. Farewell, Elisabeth, you will be sorely missed!

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