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From the BBC News site: Russell T Davies pays tribute to Doctor Who actress Elisabeth Sladen.
Very nice tribute
It's very nice. And as much as we can sit and bicker about how The Sarah Jane Adventures should or should not go on without Lis Sladen, I'd only say this:

Whatever else you may think about Russell T. Davies, the man is a writer who cares about his characters and his actors and his audience, and who shows enormous sensitivity to the question of how to portray loss onscreen for a child audience.

I for one have faith in his judgment that he and his collaborators will find the right way to go forward. Whether that means depicting Sarah Jane's death, or depicting her as going somewhere "out there," or ending the show, or continuing the show with Rani and Clyde, or continuing the show with Jo Grant, or whatever -- he'll figure out a way to make it work, and to make it work in a manner that honors Lis Sladen's memory.
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