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And yes, put me down for thinking they should show those final stories. I can't think of any actor who wouldn't want their work shown. But I don't want to see the character killed off.
I can't imagine any reason why the final episodes wouldn't be shown. SJA doesn't do season-long arcs or anything, so the stories could be seen as a simple coda. And if they were made at the same time as Series 4, there was no indication that she was ill in those episodes, so there's no reason to suggest she'd look or act any different in the final ones. And they were shot months ago, so there's none of the "she died a week later" morbidity that often makes some people hesitant to watch an actor's final work (see, for example, Heath Ledger's last film). My assumption is they'll air them in the UK as planned this fall, after Series 6 of Doctor Who finishes up.

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