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My new pre-workout mix is Jack3d mixed with an NO-X supplement, and it rocks my world.
What exactly do those tow supplements do?
I'd roughly consider Jack3d and NO-Xplode to be in the same category but on a really specific pharmacological basis they could be different, I don't know.

You can read online what they "claim" but I'll tell you how my workouts feel different. I feel confident that the feeling is genuine and not related to outside factors because a couple times I've run out of Jack3d and had to workout without it and I notice a day-to-day difference. It's not like a slow building supplement that has to get into your system, it's THAT DAY, that moment-results.

Anyway how's it change my workout? If I don't take it, sometimes I get tired or bored after 2 or 3 groups of 3-4 sets (different workouts), but not if I take it. When I take it the only thing that ends my workout is when I look at the clock and realize I've been there 2 and a half hours. It sounds strange to describe but sweating feels more like a cooling process, which could have something to do w/ the fact that it's 10x easier to catch my breath when I take jack3d - whether it's heavy lifting, aerobic lifting or cardio. It makes me feel like there's always a little more umph in the muscle to finish off that last rep...I get kind of a rush from each pump and burnouts seem delayed, if they happen at all. Basically, I feel like Superman

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But beside that, I even do less weight when it comes to incline with dumbbells on a regular incline bench.
If your inclines are substantially weaker than your other chest workouts, I'd recommend starting your chest day with them. And while you're naturally going to do less weight with dumbbells, I'd stick with them.

it's gotta be this new preworkout mix. jack3d+gatorade+creatine, before and during workout. Gives me loads of energy.
My new pre-workout mix is Jack3d mixed with an NO-X supplement, and it rocks my world.
That's interesting - I never would've thought to mix NO-X and Jack3d just since they're both preworkout stims but it works well huh? I used to use NO-X and I remember enjoying it, it was just so long ago I can't really compare it to Jack3d, I can't remember the feeling well enough.

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Ooh, also, do triceps. Kick your triceps' ass with heavy weight! My presses improved dramatically when I started dedicating an entire workout to triceps.
That's good advice, triceps are probably supporting muscles in a lot of presses.
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