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Sceptical sheep is sceptical.

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My world's longest journey by rail is about 9mins (from far to far end), it's pre-biomes so I needed walk for ages to find snowy and sandy areas. It's not all about the time it takes to get somewhere, but the time I need to be active during it. My rail network lets me flick a few leavers and jump in a cart, then I can tab out and come back being exactly where I want to be. Portals require me to run about a bit before I get there adding unneeded hassle (I really dislike hassle).
Well, you can build rail-lines in the Nether for a fraction of the iron it would take in the main world. That 9-minute rail trip would take no longer than 2 minutes.

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Oh and yep, 1.5 is out. I only played a few minutes though as I think I'm going to wait for my texture pack to update as well.
Yeah, the texture-pack thing is bugging me too. For the past few weeks I have been using the Faithful 32x32 texture pack, so going back to the default is really jarring because it's the same but blockier. I really hope there's an update for the pack soon.

Looks like the 'ladder piece every other block' technique doesn't work anymore. I nearly got trapped down my mineshaft.
I forgot about this change, went down a ladder and wondered why the game was glitching. By the time I realised what was going on, I was stuck at the bottom of the mountain with no way up. I had to dig my way up to the next level.

I'm a bit disappointed with minecart boosters, they seem very slow and it will take a lot of gold to power my track all the way. I guess I'll have to experiment. (Or wait for others to experiment and see what they do. )
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