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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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It's at pretty much a safe distance - that's why Geordi had to go wait at Wexx for Challenger. I didn't really think of a need to give a specific distance, but just didn't want to be laying waste to large amounts of Federation space so soon after Destiny - but space is big, so it's only close to anything in relative terms.

Right. That was quite a late addition, taking into account the Romulan situation after RBOE. As for the damage such a crash would do, I'm thinking it would have been more an implosion, what with the forced quantum singularity going.

This is maybe stuff worth querying in the Trek tech section, mind you.

No, that'll be left alone. I think it's sufficiently explicit in the text that it's a natural ability that can't be harnessed by technology, and that the characters finally realise that. I'm totally with you on that whole subject.

True. Glad you liked it!
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