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Re: World Of Warcraft?

I started playing WoW in BC and played steadily until about January this year. I felt like I had finished Cata and everything was annoying me. They nerfed the stuff that was most important to me and the potentially huge waste of time the game was really started to get to me, especially as stuff I had spent weeks grinding became super easy. I know it's a cliche but everything getting easier and easier was just death to me.

But. In the last couple weeks I have been really missing my character. I loved my main and I'm thinking I will just play again for a bit, just mess around making gold and maybe doing the boring-ass arch just so I can hang out in Azeroth on my orc again. It's like if I never play again I never get to see this favorite character.. which of course will be the case the day WoW disappears forever.

And I'm definitely playing the SW game when it comes out. My kid has been playing Star Trek online and much as I love Star Trek that game looks boring as all crap. I never wanted to be a captain and I certainly don't want to play one in a game. Everything about the SW one excites me.

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