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The nether has almost zero value to me. My main world I created before they added it, and I've got a massive rail network going on for transport. Building in the nether never appealed as it looks bland against trees. Assuming I'm starting a new world, then maybe I build a transport network there but no reason to live there or run about for anything more than gathering.
It depends on the size of your world. In my world, it takes around 7 minutes to walk from my main base to Mount Vulcan, and whenever I realise that I need some resource that I left behind in my main base, I can just pop into the Nether, collect it and be back at Mount Vulcan in no time. Even the best railway system wouldn't be that fast. It also allows me to connect up outposts that I haven't been able to connect in the main world yet, such as my snow biome outpost.

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I on the other hand think I would get bored without the monsters. It just adds that extra bit of a challenge. Not to mention goodies like bones, arrows, and dungeons.
I wouldn't say that playing with monsters on is a challenge, but it is far more suspenseful. Earlier on, I realised that the future site of my rail-track was going to run near some caves, and I had to explore them and light them up to keep me safe while working on it, and using it. I went into one, which was L-shaped, and after stumbling in I saw a creeper approaching from the darkness of the other branch. I retreated with my sword out, but he was approaching from a higher level and I knew the sword wouldn't be effective, so I pulled out my bow. Or tried to, because I accidentally skipped it and ended up waving my watch in the air. It was one of those weird Minecraft moments where something silly yet terrifying had happened, and I had to struggle to keep calm to get my bow out while he continued to approach me.

I set the game to peaceful on rare occasions if I'm working on big, boring projects that I want to get over with quickly, but turning it off all the time means that I'd miss suspenseful moments like that.

I never could figure out how to do a portal system (not that I do that much long distance travelling anyway).
When you create a portal in the main world, sometimes the corresponding location in the Nether is off-limits, either because it's solid rock or a lava lake, so that portal gets moved to the nearest available location. But because one block in the Nether is eight blocks in the main world, if the portal has to be moved 10 blocks in the Nether, when you try to exit the portal it will create a second portal in the main world 80 blocks away from your first one. To fix it, you have to guess the distance between the two portals in the main world, divide that by eight, then move the portal in the Nether by that number of blocks.

It takes a few attempts, and it's really tedious considering how long it takes to mine obsidian, but it's very advantageous if you have a large world.

One day, I plan to enter the Nether with a bed, some basic supplies and just enough obsidian to make another portal, travel in one direction for about an hour, exit the Nether in some newly-generated land, and see how long it takes me to trek home.
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