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Re: Bear McCreary vs. Other Composers

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The "Adama Theme" is remarkably similar to a track on the Blackhawk Down soundtrack.
yeah the adama theme from BSG and caprica is very similar to an old irish song called "the minstrel boy" - which appeared in black hawk down and an episode of star trek: the next generation called "the wounded".

black hawk also features a piece by hans zimmer called "leave no man behind" which is eerily close to "roslin & adama" from BSG.

jerry goldsmith's theme from alien (heard about 35 seconds in) also bears a striking resemblance to mccreary's earth theme from "daybreak, parts I & II", as does the old 90s jingle from ABC.

bear mccreary was probably inspired by black hawk down in the early days of BSG (or the producers were), hence the similarity there. as for the alien connection, i think mccreary was paying homage to goldsmith.

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