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Peak wrote: View Post
The problem is that the game is a sandbox-game, and will probably be so even if there's a few small things like achivements och stuff added just for flavour.

I get the feeling that X want to explore and stuff. Not build.
I love building, which is one of the reasons why I love this game, but I do enjoy exploring as well and I agree with X that it would be cool if there were more things to explore in the world. One of my favourite memories of the game was the time I went on a 6-day boat-trip to try and circumnavigate my island (and subsequently realised I wasn't on an island and had to turn back ). I'd love to be able to go on an adventure like that again, but the only thing I can explore at this point that I haven't experienced before would be a desert biome and that wouldn't be much different than the large beach I started out on.

A system like Spore, where people could upload their creations and the world generator randomly (and rarely) added these structures to the world would be really cool. And Notch has said he wants NPC villages in the game at some point, which I would welcome.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
I would say that the Nether is an extremely dicey prospect for more novice players. First, you have to acquire obsidian, and players who don't know the tricks for creating it artificially will be stuck until they get some diamond on their hands.

Then, once they get to the Nether, they'll be dodging fireballs from Ghasts all over the place. It's not a region I've been interested in building in, either. While it can be visually impressive, there's a "sameness" about it that makes its vistas less interesting overall than the surface world.
I agree about the sameness of the Nether and I don't build there myself, I just use it as a fast-transit network. But if I, a guy that is scared of going into caves because of spiders and creepers, can successfully transit the Nether with no difficulty, I don't see how a so-called adventurer like X would have any trouble with it. I actually find the Nether to be safer than caves in the main world because ghasts are easy to see and make a lot of noise, unlike ninja creepers that drop down on your head from dark holes in the ceiling.
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