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they did say they will be modifying this system to responds to the lack of role playing aspects that were the major criticism of ME2.
Mass Effect 2 was all about role playing. What the game did not have, however, was the kind of tedious inventory micro-management that old-school CRPG fans claim they like.

I'm not familar with what is and isn't RPG but that would seem to fit the definition. I have to say I thought it was tedious at first but for some reason it made the game alot more replayable (along with other aspects) than ME2's upgrade system.

I think there is something about slowly progressing, advancing your skills incrementally and seeing the effect in game play, or getting more armor choices that made it more fun. I didn't have a desire to change outfit it ME2 because there was often no need to. That's not so in ME1. I learned very quickly that the right suit could keep you alive for just long enough to win. As a result I enjoyed the different styles they had while strictly avoiding anything that said Phoenix on the box.
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