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I like the minecraft-videos X made, but I do think that he wants Minecraft to be something totally different than it is. He says that he is bored with the game, and all new stuff doesn't really matter as long as the game is what it is.

The problem is that the game is a sandbox-game, and will probably be so even if there's a few small things like achivements och stuff added just for flavour.

I get the feeling that X want to explore and stuff. Not build.

I'm a crappy builder. Therefore I like the building-videos. Coe is the favourite of course. MyGamersInsanity is also quite good, and he must have one of the longest LP:s out therer (he began when you still started in that house and had choices about how the world should be generated).

The ones I watch for exploration and fun is Guude, Jsano and MyselfOverwhelmed.

Guude doesn't build as much but he's funnier. MyselfOw

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