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I save decline for the last exercise in my chest routine so I always look pathetic lifting so little.
Yeah, I think my lower chest is stronger then, bc I feel really awkward doing incline bench and I feel the most comfortable doing decline bench when I let the bar come down low on my chest, like over my diaphragm. I think part of it is that the seat doesn't go high enough to put me where I should be under the bar (on the actual incline bench station), cuz I'm rather short, only 5'7. Every other adjustable machine there is fine, but incline for some reason, the seat just doesn't go high enough so I have to sort of half-stand to get the bar off the pegs and then bring it over my chest. But beside that, I even do less weight when it comes to incline with dumbbells on a regular incline bench.

I actually hit THREE new maxes today, on no sleep no less. literally none, I was up all night doing homework. I got sick of looking at it about 6:30 am and went and worked out for 2 hours. 155 on two-hand cable curl (with the metal triangular grip), 420 leg press (up from 380) and 75 lb overhead skull crusher, the tricep lift. Up from 65.

it's gotta be this new preworkout mix. jack3d+gatorade+creatine, before and during workout. Gives me loads of energy.
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