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Re: Fringe: "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" - April 15 on FOX

I enjoyed it! Sure, I wish the whole thing could have been live-action (last-minute switch, right? Nimoy didn't want to go on-camera or something?), but hey, it's Fringe, so I roll with it. "Fringe-ception," as someone coined upthread (good one ) was not the first time the device has been used, and won't be the last--it's how it's done and what gets accomplished that counts, and it worked for me, because I care about the characters. At least with Fringe, I didn't keep wishing I had a scorecard and 3-D map to keep track of the gazillion different levels and iterations and whatnot.

I do like how Peter and Astrid were all worried that Belly 's ego would compel him to sacrifice Olivia to survive himself, but instead, Belly cooked up the elaborate plan to have his consciousness transferred to a computer--knowing full well it wouldn't work--in order to get Peter and Walter to go inside Olivia's head so they could help Belly to locate her and save her. Good man to the last. Plus, I thought it was a cool way to empower Olivia and help her to overcome the fears that have overshadowed her for so long. And he bucked up Walter's confidence too--that may make a difference as we get closer to the finale.

Gonna miss Nimoy and Belly. But hey, nothing was said about Belly's consciousness being irretrievably lost. Who knows if he'll turn up again? Here's hoping.

And yes, Broyles and Peter tripping was a scream. Peter's "He's bald!" and Broyles blowing bubbles and whistling to the little birdie on Walter's shoulder were highlights. That must have been great fun to film.
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