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Re: THOR: Grading, Discussion, Review **SPOILERS***

A few more reviews all positive, more random and not the 'big ones' but they are good.
RottenTomatoes: 86% Fresh as of now.

From DIY.Co.UK they give it an 8/10.
While the trailers suggested a cheesy, Dutch-angled, all brawn and no brains kinda flick, what we have here is Shakespearean tragedy set to production designer Bo Welch's gorgeously retro sets and Branagh's unleashed fanboy enthusiasm. A stellar effort that has raised the bar for this year's endless comic adaptations.
From comes there review and 4/5 stars. RT contributor also.
With fantastic effects, strong characters and a story you’ll find yourself wanting to see again straight afterwards, Thor kicks off the summer in style. Even if it occasionally stumbles, most blockbusters don’t even try to reach the heights Thor attains. It definitely enters Marvel Studios’ canon somewhere near the top, and if nothing else, it’s made life much, much more difficult for Captain America. It's just become the film to beat this summer.
From HeyUGuys.Co.UK is there score of 3/5 stars
The strangest thing about Thor though is how it lived up exactly to expectations. The early casting news sounded impressive, and it was. The trailers set in Asgaard looked like Flash Gordon, and the film delivered.
From Variety, no score but praise. The cries of 'plastic armor' by the 'net are shot down in his description here.
Assembled by A-list artisans in non-gimmicky 3D (the first such Marvel superhero entry to utilize the stereo format), "Thor" looks great. Production designer Bo Welch, costume designer Alexandra Byrne and lenser Haris Zambarloukos present striking visions of Asgard as an otherworldly utopia constructed from gleaming golden materials and bathed in a warm amber glow, and Jotunheim as the dank and forbidding lair of the mythical world's most malevolent outcasts. Effects work is on the money, with the suspended, glowing Bitfrost gateway from Asgard to other worlds an eye-catching highlight. All other technical credits are thoroughly pro.
List of positive reviews to date. 7/10 Marvel's best yet 5/5 4/5 4/5 On par with Iron Man

And in fairness the One Negative review to date. C+
There are quite a few characters in the mix but my reaction throughout much of Thor was apathetic. It’s not a horrible film but it’s one that doesn’t want to take any chances. It has been crafted from the familiar PG-mould used by many other comic books adaptations over the past decade. It wants to impress with dazzling special effects rather than through an emotive, captivating story. There’s clearly an audience for this film but I don’t think I’m part of it.

The performances in Thor aren’t too bad. The dialogue is expectedly cheesy (particularly from those in Thor’s small army) but I had a soft spot for Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard and Kat Dennings. They inject the film with much-needed humour. Australian Chris Hemsworth also deserves credit. He takes his shirt off when required (sure to please many) and taps into Thor’s rough, arrogant nature. It’s just a shame I didn’t care more about his character (a fault of the screenplay).

I confess to becoming tired of comic book films. They offer few surprises and continually reiterate the same themes. There are exceptions however. I’ve enjoyed the darker undertones contained within the rebooted Batman series. The Dark Knight highlighted the fine line that often exists between good and evil. Christian Bale also captured the torturous nature of being a hero through his strong performance.
The entire film is a risk. A film blending superheroes with magic/sorcery/aliens this guy misspoke or just doesn't get risk. He does admit bias to comic films by now so maybe that's why he doesn't see the risk this film is. All in all his C+ is hardly all that negative but that is how he is submitting it to RottenTomatoes apparently.

His review did give confirmation to a post credit sequence though.

The ushers will probably be cleaning up around you but make you stay all the way through the lengthy end credit sequence. You’ll get a sneak peak at The Avengers, the 2012 Joss Whedon film that brings together Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America. Now that looks interesting!
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