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So Garak, whatcha gonna do with all the TNT? Gonna blow up a mountain and post it on Youtube?

Its funny, but someone on The Shaft podcast suggesting lightsabers. I think it was a Redstone torch, diamond, and a couple of pieces of iron.

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No no, I was referring to my own mad sheep hunt. Those sheep are everywhere, baaing all night and pushing you into zombie dungeons (that hurt), but when you go looking for them they're never around. I think it's part of an evil conspiracy. Sheep are the real bad guys in Minecraft, all the monsters are just doing their bidding. Wolves know about this and that's why they're trying to kill them.
Lol. Sorry about that. Guess I was letting my insecurities get the best of me.

Sadly this is really the only place I can talk about my favorite game. I spent a week on the official Minecraft forum, but I haven't seen so many trolls and flames since the last time I watched Return of the King. Damn 14 year olds.
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