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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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And amazingly enough, it wasn't 'timeless' for the producers of Lois & Clark, as they didn't use any of it for the ship that brought Superman to Earth or for the episodes about the surviving Kryptonians.
Yeah, but according to you:

Dusty Ayres wrote: View Post
Lois & Clark was just nonsense and bullshit
So, are you implying that it was nonsense that they didn't use it?

I don't care what was not shown onscreen, that fact is that it should be impossible (and most likely is impossible) for flesh and blood beings to live that way. It's also extreme laziness on the part of the set designer, producers and director to do that design for Krypton with the millions of dollars it cost to make Superman The Movie.
Superman: The Movie was one of the most expensive films made at that time. I'd hardly argue they skimped on the budget for their opening scenes.

Anyway, the point of the matter is that the Krypton stuff looked so crazy and unrealistic to give it a sense of it being truly alien and advanced from anything Earth has without resorting to characters saying to the audience "We are an advanced alien race!" That would have been lazy. What the movie did was just good storytelling.

Now, if you didn't like the design, that's fine. But to claim that it was lazy is completely misguided.
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