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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Bullshit or not, it was still great. I loved it. There is a reason why the look has been adapted to the comics and Smallville tv series. It works.
No, it doesn't and it didn't work for me as a boy of 8 seeing the first movie in 1978. That was lazy budgeting on the part of the Salkinds and lazy design on the part of John Barry. And amazingly enough, it wasn't 'timeless' for the producers of Lois & Clark, as they didn't use any of it for the ship that brought Superman to Earth or for the episodes about the surviving Kryptonians.

It is better than Superman having to pick up a giant key to open the Fortress of Solitude.
No one says that he has to, and he hasn't done so for the past two decades in the comic books; they can have him use Kryptonian tech to enter and exit the Fortress. Actually, even if he did/does use the giant key, so what? It's more of an icon than that stupid version of the Fortress that was so simple Lex Luthor could get into it. (BTW, in All Star Superman,he does use a key to get in-but it's a small key made of super dense white dwarf materiel so heavy that only he can lift it.)

The Kryptonians from the movie knew how to building FTL starships. I'm sure they knew of ways of getting food and air. Just because we didn't see it happen onscreen doesn't mean it didn't exist.
I don't care what was not shown onscreen, that fact is that it should be impossible (and most likely is impossible) for flesh and blood beings to live that way. It's also extreme laziness on the part of the set designer, producers and director to do that design for Krypton with the millions of dollars it cost to make Superman The Movie.
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