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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

^ You talked me into it.

Okay, so it's update time. Here is the very rough form of what I'm adding based on knowlege of new releases and comments made here and in other threads. If you note anything that I've missed, PLEASE let me know. I want to present our kind mods with as few and as simple of edits as possible.

For TOS (Which has BY FAR the most edits)...

Greg Cox mentioned in a thread that he used elements established in TNG's Debtor's Planet in the Eugenics Wars in regard to Ralph Offenhouse. Also, he took the name "Aegis" from DC comics. (Thanks to Greg Cox)

I'll go ahead and assume that Cox's portrayal of Shaun Christopher in The Rings of Time will be consistant with what he established in Eugenics Wars.

Cast No Shadows by James Swallow will feature DS9's Elias Vaughn.

Add the "Night Whispers" reference to Ex Machina. (Thanks to Christopher.)

Add Forgotten History by Christopher Bennett. (If given a DTI subtitle also create a DTI "series" sub-section.)

Currently untitled TOS 5-year-mission story by Ward and Dilmore

Twilight's End-mentioned in SCE

Additions to "The Rihannsu-verse" (Thanks especially to Christopher):

The "Wormhole trilogy"(?) (Can't think of a better name. "Gateways" was already taken. "Star-gate trilogy"? Suggestions? Help!) (Thanks to Ryan123450)

Ingrit Tompson from J.M. Dillard's books appears in "The Final Nexus".
  • The Abode of Life by Lee Corey
  • Chain of Attack by Gene DeWeese
  • The Final Nexus by Gene DeWese

Diane Carey's "George Kirk" duology
  • Final Frontier (used the "Rihannsu" model for the Romulans)
  • Best Destiny
Consistant with "Though Hell Should Bar the Way" by Greg Cox from Enterprise Logs.

Other books consistant with the "Rihannsu-verse":
  • Uhura's Song by Janet Kagan (utilizes McIntyre crewman "Snarl")
  • Shadow Lord by Lawrence Yep (references McIntyre's Sulu backstory)
  • How Much for Just the Planet? by John M. Ford (Utililized the Klinzhai model for Klingons established in The Final Reflection)
  • Dwellers in the Crucible by Margaret Wander Bonano(Utilizes Rihannsu and Klinzhai models for Romulans and Klingons)
  • Strangers from the Sky by Margaret Wander Bonano (mentioned in Spock's World)
  • Dreams of the Raven by Carmen Carter (Klinzhai model for Klingons)
  • Music of the Spheres-- by Margaret Wander Bonano (Unpublished but readily available novel by our own Garamet that utilized the Rihannsu model for Romulans. Contact her and she'll e-mail you a copy.)
Add Debtor's Planet for it's Eugenics War connection.
Move Indistinguishable From Magic from "one-shots" to "TNG"
Add The Courage of Conscience here and in "Typhon Pact".
Add "Shakedown" to PAD section.

For DS9
Move A Stitch in Time and Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game from "Connected" to "Secondary Core Continuity"

Add to Secondary core continuity:
Typhon Pact Rough Beasts of Empire (Sisko)
Typhon Pact Paths of Disharmony (Shar)
Indistinguishable From Magic (Nog)

Add to "connected":
"Reservoir Ferengi" from Seven Deadly Sins by David A. McIntee
Saturns Children (MU) by Sarah Shaw
A Terrible Beauty (MU) by Jim Johnson
Freedom Angst (MU) from Seven Deadly Sins by Britta Burdett Dennison
Seeds of Dissent (MyU) by James Swallow

A question for the group-mind-- Should the Typhon Pact novels with DS9 characters be included in "Secondary core continity" or in connected? I don't believe that they belong in "Primary Continuity", at least not at this point.

For VOY and ENT
Add titles Children of the Storm to VOY and To Brave the Storm to ENT. Yup, that's it.


  • "Almost Tomorrow" by Dayton Ward
  • "Hard News" by Kevin Dilmore
  • 'The Ruins of Noble Men" by Marco Palmieri
  • "The Stars Look Down" by David Mack
What Judgements Come (Ward/Dilmore)
Storming Heaven (Mack)

add to "connected":
Paths of Disharmony (Ward)
"Pride: The First Peer" from Seven Deadly Sins (Ward/Dilmore)

Add Enterprise Logs (Thanks to Toddcam) and Seven Deadly Sins.

Minis: Add The Courage of Conscience to "Typhon Pact"

In Misc, I was thinking of adding nods to The Spaceflight Chronology, The USS Enterprise Officers Manual, and thanks to Therin of Andor, A Summary of the Physiological Roots of Andorian Culture. What do you guys think?

Finally, additional thanks to DevilEyes, KingDaniel, DigificWriter, Idran and Thrawn.
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