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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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No, sorry, but what was seen in the Donner movie was complete bullshit, IMHO. There's NO WAY that humanoid beings would be able to live in such a world as seen in the Donner movies, period. How do they eat? What do they drink? How do they live? And how do they breathe air? Do they eat crystal food? And unless I was dreaming, the world of Krypton was depicted as a 'strict, scifi world of spaceships and alien planets' in the comic books, albeit with the same natural flora and fauna as seen here on Earth.
Bullshit or not, it was still great. I loved it. There is a reason why the look has been adapted to the comics and Smallville tv series. It works.

It is better than Superman having to pick up a giant key to open the Fortress of Solitude.

The Kryptonians from the movie knew how to building FTL starships. I'm sure they knew of ways of getting food and air. Just because we didn't see it happen onscreen doesn't mean it didn't exist.
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