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Re: Fringe: "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" - April 15 on FOX

Voted poor but on the bright side this story is over so we can hopefully move on to better things. If we can't, then I guess I am going to be hoping the alternate universe wins out since I really enjoy that place.

There's a lot I didn't like about this episode, but it was mostly the execution. If they wanted to show Walter learning he can handle things without Bell*, that's fine, and if they wanted to show Olivia overcoming her fears, that's fine, but I disliked the way they handled it across the board. So much so that even little things start to bother me. Yes, let's all take fast-acting LSD BEFORE hooking up the equipment. And as we've established in previous episodes, Broyles is a stupid man who would start touching stuff in Walter's lab with his bare hands just to be helpful.

*Bell telling Walter that when they were younger, they needed each other because they didn't have humility, but now that Walter is older and wiser (and missing part of his brain), he can handle things on his own - it sounds good initially, but wait, isn't the time period when they worked together when they did the most damage and acted with little regard to the welfare of others?
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